Pike’s production brewery

All of Pike Brewing’s packaging, including draft kegs to cans, is done within feet of the bright tanks, ensuring beer freshness. Pike's canning line double evacuates oxygen before filling the bottles resulting in longer lasting, high-quality final product.

About The Brewery

Every Pike Brewing Company beer is handcrafted at our urban brewery in downtown Seattle's Pike Place Market neighborhood.  Featuring a unique and sustainability-focused gravity-flow, steam-powered brewhouse, the brewery's mash tun and grist case sit in view of guests at Tankard & Tun and the brew kettle operates in the middle of The Pike Pub’s dining room. Join a brewery tour and you’ll go down into the brewery cellar, where you can see the canning line at work and be awed by how many fermentation tanks are squeezed into a such a relatively small space!

Pike Brewing Company operates a 30-barrel brewhouse to produce roughly 14,000 barrels of craft beer a year. With an eye towards brewing history and sustainability, founder & co-owner Charles Finkel had the brewery built on three levels of the building, using a traditional gravity-flow system. At the top is our grist case and then mash tun, which mixes malt with warm water to start converting the malt’s starches into sugar. The resulting liquid, called wort, then flows naturally down to our brew kettle, which is located one story below in The Pike Pub. Pub visitors love to eat and drink while watching Pike Brewing brewers carefully add hops to the brew kettle. The wort finishes by flowing down to our brew house, where it is fermented, conditioned, and packaged.