john hall



“What I love about brewing is that it’s an amalgam of science and art. Before you brew a beer for the first time you don’t really know how it’s going to taste. We use experience and science to help guide us toward making the right choices to produce the best beer possible, but I’ve seen recipes that look and sound like they’ll be fantastic absolutely bomb, and I’ve tasted beers that sound atrocious and turned out to be magical. When you do produce a beer that tastes special it’s a moment that sticks with you.”

John fell in love with beer in 2009 in Portland, ME, and started brewing in 2011 while living in Aspen, CO. He read through some of How to Brew by John J. Palmer, and decided to make a couple of batches. John had experience in the wine industry, but felt that what he really wanted to be doing was making beer and be part of producing a great product that people enjoyed.

Before joining the team at Pike Brewing Company, John worked for Brewery Ferment, of Traverse City, MI, where he was the assistant brewer. He left Ferment to attend the Siebel Institute of Chicago and the Doemens Academy of Munich. He has a bachelors in chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) (and with honors) from Colby College (along with a minor in mathematics), and a Master Brewer Certification from the World Brewing Academy (The Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy).