Third Story series

What happens when you give a veteran brewer new ingredients and an expanded fermentation cellar? Delicious creativity and exploration.

Pike Brewing Company introduces the Third Story, a series of one-time-only, imaginative craft beers from Seattle’s original urban brewery. Coming straight from Pike’s newly expanded brewery cellar, the Third Story series is launching at a fertile time for exploration in craft beer.  The recent availability of new ingredients like Cryo hops, locally grown malts and new yeast strains combined with craft beer drinkers’ clamor for more adventurous brews lines up perfectly with Pike Brewing’s veteran brewers’ itch to explore.


“When we started brewing in 1989 it was considered cutting edge to use high quality Maris Otter malts from England,” notes Pike Brewing Company Founder and Owner, Charles Finkel.  “Even when Pike IPA debuted in the early 90’s there were only a handful of IPAs on the market and now IPA has become the most popular beer style. With this significantly expanded cellar we’re able to continue our legacy of brewing inventive beers with interesting, high quality ingredients for beer drinkers’ ever expanding palates.”

Third Story series Hazy IPA.jpg


Beers in the Third Story series will be brewed one time only as frequently as possible and will be available only on draft for their limited and delicious time. These beers will allow Pike’s brewers to take their depth of knowledge and adept brewing skills and combine them with a love of experimentation.


“For the last few years we’ve primarily been meeting the demands for our core beers, like Pike Space Needle IPA and Pike Kilt Lifter, which made it hard to find time to experiment and explore,” says Pike Head Brewer, Art Dixon. “With 6 new fermentation tanks installed we’ve finally got room and all of us in the brewery are ready to bring ideas and recipes we’ve had to life.”  


Now on tap at The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun in the brewery is a hazy IPA, the first from Third Story series. Also in the works is a Belgian style brett IPA aging in Chardonnay barrels.  Pike Brewing Company’s fans have already been making suggestions for what beers they’d like to see brewed on the brewery’s Facebook page.