pike entire

barrel-aged imperial stout


rich stout with whiskey tones.

Pike Entire is smooth and chocolaty – reminiscent of small-batch bourbon with its vanilla and wood overtones. The 2017 vintage was made by aging imperial stout in Woodinville Whiskey bourbon barrels, which impart creamy vanilla and whiskey flavors. After aging it is blended with Pike XXXXX Stout to bring out more rich and chocolaty malt flavors. This full and rich beer ages extremely well.

  • ABV: 9.9%
  • IBU: 85
  • OG: 1.096
  • °L: 25

    limited release,
    on draft &
    22 oz. bottles


    ESB, Maris Otter, Crystal, Roasted Barley, Black Malt, Munich, Chocolate Malt, Malted Wheat


    Zeus, Chinook, Amarillo

    MORE ABOUT pike entire

    Until the 18th century, malt was ‘kilned’ over wood fires, making most beers dark brown or black.  The move to coal allowed brewers a little more control but it was not until coke, a byproduct of coal, was introduced that pale malt could be kilned. Pale malt yielded more sugar than black malt. Because the Thames was polluted, soft water, ideal for dark beers, was drawn from wells. This water yielded an unpleasant flavor to dark beer unless it was blended with paler beers made by country brewers who had access to hard water. These country brewers bought dark beers from London and aged them in large oak casks. After aging, they sold them back to the London brew pubs as highly desirable “stale” (aged) beer.

    Brew pubs in London then began to blend the black, pale and aged beers with the result known as ‘three threads’, a corruption of ‘three thirds’. Ralph Hardwood’s Bell Brewhouse was the first to market an already blended beer, called Entire, to other pubs. Entire is the Porter’s predecessor.