Pike citrus summer ale

citrus summer ale tap.jpg

pike citrus summer ale: session ale

Pike Citrus Summer Ale has a clean, round mouthfeel that pops with bright citrus and light peppery notes. Crisp and refreshing, this easy-drinking session ale is ready for summer adventures. 

  • Lemondrop hops were introduced in 2012 and have been in hot demand by brewers seeking true lemon flavors and aroma.

  • Dry-hopping is the technique of adding hops to a beer after primary fermentation, contributing copious aroma without significantly increasing bitterness.

  • Brewed with summer in mind, Pike Citrus Summer Ale pairs well with warm weather in the Pacific Northwest!

summer seasonal,
on draft &
in 22 oz. bottles

Pike Citrus summer ale

  • Style: session ale

  • Grain: Organic Pils, Munich, Malted Wheat

  • Hops: Centennial, Cascade. Dry-hopped with Lemondrop.

  • ABV: 4.2%

  • IBU: 25

  • OG: 1.046

  • °L: 3