pike naughty nellie

golden, organic & sassy

Naughty Nellie

light and refreshing.

Named for the madam at the LaSalle where Pike Brewing was founded, Naughty Nellie is refreshing and curvy with plenty of sex appeal.  Nellie pours a golden color with a nutty, cracker-like malt flavor in front ending with a sight grapefruit and lemon wave to the palette.

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 27
  • OG: 1.049
  • °L: 3

    available year-round,
    on draft &
    in 12 oz. bottles


    Organic Pale, Munich, Malted Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic


    Centennial, Cascade

    MORE ABOUT naughty nellie

    Pike Naughty Nellie was named for Nellie Curtis, madam of  the LaSalle Hotel, where Pike Brewing was founded. Nellie Nightingale Curtis was a notorious, outrageous citizen of Seattle in its rough and tumble years in the early 20th century. We think she would be honored to have a smooth, golden ale with surprising fruity and bitter character share her name.