pike naughty nellie 

Naughty Nellie

pike naughty nellie: golden ale

Named for the madam at the LaSalle where Pike Brewing was founded, Pike Naughty Nellie pours a golden color with a nutty, cracker-like malt flavor in front ending with a sight grapefruit and lemon wave to the palette.

  • Pike Naughty Nellie was named for Nellie Nightingale Curtis, madam of the LaSalle Hotel, the same where Pike Brewing was founded. Curtis was a notorious, outrageous citizen of Seattle in its rough and tumble years in the early 20th century.

  • Pike Naughty Nellie features organic ingredients including pale malt.

  • The Pike Pub also has a dining room dedicated to Nellie Curtis, painted the same yellow as Pike Naughty Nellie’s label, the room features a photograph of Curtis and the old door from the LaSalle.

available year-round,
on draft &
in 12 oz. bottles

Pike naughty nellie

  • Style: golden ale

  • Grain: Organic Pale, Munich, Malted Wheat, Crystal, Aromatic

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • IBU: 27

  • OG: 1.049

  • °L: 3