pike old bawdy

Pike Space Needle IPA cans

Pike old bawdy: barley wine

With a selection spanning decades, Pike Old Bawdy is beer history in a bottle. Dark mahogany in color with rich, sweet complexity, younger vintages of Pike Old Bawdy boast heady herbal aromas while older vintages have developed prized characteristics akin to port and amaro.

  • Pike Old Bawdy is a Gold medal winner in the U.S. Open Beer Championship, the Mondial de la Bière, The Great International Beer Festival, The United States Beer Tasting Championship; and a Gold and Silver medal winner in the North American Beer Tasting Championship.

  • Pike Old Bawdy is featured in Fal Allen and Dick Cantwell’s book Barley Wine.

  • Each vintage of Pike Old Bawdy is unique and changes subtly over time. Find our tasting notes for each available year and a flavor map below.

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Pike Space Needle IPA in front of brewery tanks

Pike Old bawdy: Vintage tasting notes

  • Brewer’s Select Vintage

  • 1997: Amaro, cocoa nibs, fig

  • 2006: Black cherry, coffee, bitter chocolate

  • 2007: Ruby port, pipe tobacco, dried currant

    2008: Apricot, melon, coffee bean

  • 2009: Tawny port, apricot, almond

    2010: Shortbread, malt, vanilla

  • 2011: Plum, blackberry, black tea

    2012: Soft caramel, tobacco, leather

  • 2013: Caramel, dried fig, stewed persimmon

    2014: Apricot seed, toffee, pine

    2015: Brown sugar, peaches, candied citrus

    2016: Floral hop, treacle, stone fruit