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Pike third story series

Welcome to the Third Story, a series of imaginative craft beers from Pike’s newly expanded brewery cellar. This is our brewers’ playground, where Head Brewer Art Dixon and his team riff on styles they love and explore new ingredients from Cryo hops, to locally-grown malts, to experimental yeast strains. Adventurous beer drinkers welcome.

Beers in the Third Story series rotate and will be available for a limited and delicious time.

Available draft-only

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Now available…

pike third story mimosa ipa 

Pike Third Story Series mimosa IPA is a brut IPA base, finished with blood oranges. This fruit-forward celebration of citrus season is brightly aromatic, slightly hazy, and bone-dry on the palate.

  • Pike Third Story Series is a rotating selection of imaginative beers, allowing Head Brewer Art Dixon and his team space for creativity in our expanded Third Story Cellar.

  • Brut IPAs take advantage of the enzyme amyloglucosidase to allow the breakdown of complex sugars so a final product with zero residual sugar can be achieved.

  • Blood oranges, a citrus variety with orange skin and red flesh, are known for their abundant aroma and tart-sweet flavor.