pike wolf in the woods

fresh hop

Pike Wolf in the Woods

the freshest hops of the  year.

Autumn is hop harvest season in nearby Yakima Valley and the only time of year to enjoy fresh hop beers, which singularly capture the hop’s most fleeting flavors and essence. Moving quickly from bine to kettle, our brewers use their freshly picked hop flowers within 12 hours of harvest. Each year Pike's brewers select a new hop to feature in Wolf in the Woods. The 2018 version of Wolf in the Woods will feature Citra hops. 

  • ABV: 6.8%
  • IBU: 56
  • °L: 2

    limited release,
    on draft only


    Organic Pils, Munich, Carapils, Malted Wheat


    Centennial and Mosaic for bittering and fresh whole Citra hops

    MORE ABOUT pike wolf in the woods

    Each year Pike's brewers select a hop for Wolf in the Woods. They then drive to Yakima, load up our van and hurry back to Seattle to brew with their precious and incredibly aromatic cargo. The brewery is abuzz as hot wort is dropped into the hopback which has been filled with the just harvested whole cone hops. The name, Wolf in the Woods, is a loose translation for the Latin name for hops, Humulus Lupulus.