Tankard & Tun Restaurant

beer & Northwest seafood centric 


Pike Brewing is reaching new heights this summer, bringing beer and food lovers an expanded experience in Seattle’s Shrine to Beer. Coming to our gravity flow, steam powered brewery will be Tankard & Tun; a new restaurant, oyster bar and brew deck adjoining an expanded fermentation cellar. 

The name, Tankard & Tun, is a toast to the timeless drinking tankard and Pike’s mash tun brewing vessel which is in full display from the restaurant and adjacent Brew Deck. Tankard & Tun will hone in on our decades of passion for pairing handcrafted beers with locally sourced and flavorful foods. The expansion coincides with Pike Place Market’s new Market Front.

Tankard & Tun’s menu will be Northwest seafood centric, with a focus on pairing handcrafted beers with small plates. The restaurant’s design will recall Seattle’s maritime past and include an intimate dining room, oyster bar and the Brew Deck which wraps between the 27 year old brewery’s mash tun and shining, new fermentation tanks. 

Chef Gabe Spiel

Leading Tankard & Tun’s culinary team will be Chef Gabe Spiel. Chef Gabe lives for the moment when a diner pauses after the first bite of their meal and looks curious. “I love it when people assume they know exactly what they’ll get from a dish and then are pleasantly surprised by a twist we’ve put on it,” says Gabe. Local pride in all our NW has to offer guides his menu, which will focus on in-season and locally grown and foraged food, complemented by our handcrafted beers. Gabe was born and raised right here in the Puget Sound region and started as a line cook in The Pike Pub at 19 years old. Rivaling his passion for cooking is his growing family and getting outside to ski, hike and fish whenever he can.


opening in late june 2017

Tankard & Tun  will be  located at 1415 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101.
Enter on 1st Avenue, between Pike and Union (just south of Pike Place Market), or via Post Alley, across from Post Alley Park, down from the Gum Wall.





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