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Pike Brewing Supports SheJumps with New Mountain's Out Release

April 3, 2024

With the launch of our latest limited release, Mountain's Out, Pike Brewing is excited to devote the month of April to supporting efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in outdoor recreation! To that end, we are excited to host a fundraiser on April 14th, 2024 at Pike Pub supporting SheJumps as well as providing round-up donations throughout the month of April in support of the organization's mission to increase participation of women in outdoor activities. 

We recently sat down with Seattle local, Angela Crampton, to learn more about the efforts and focus of SheJumps. This July, Angela will be climbing the Grand Teton with SheJumps in further support of the organization.

How you first got involved in outdoor recreation?

I grew up in Pennsylvania. Since my family didn’t have many resources, we grew up going to state parks on weekends in the summer to camp. In college, I joined the outdoors club and learned to rock climb and cave, most of it in West Virginia. I knew I wanted to move west for bigger mountains and landed in Seattle. I then took the Washington Alpine Club’s Basic Climbing Course to learn mountaineering. I also learned to ski as an adult. Most of my outdoor friends were male, so I found SheJumps and it has forever changed how I recreate with deeper connections to friends and experiences.

Provide a brief overview of She Jumps' mission and how diversity and inclusivity intersect with it?

SheJumps is 16 years old. It was founded to create more representation of women (and girls) in outdoor recreation, specifically skiing at first. The organization has expanded to hiking, wilderness first aid, scholarships, and much more. SheJumps recognizes that it’s not only women that need to be represented, but also those of even more oppressed backgrounds, specifically women of color. Their scholarships help provide resources and funding for more women to feel confident in decision making.

What do you feel are the biggest barriers or challenges preventing women from participating in outdoor recreation?

In my opinion, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. With the internet, there is a ton of information out there. Facebook groups will only get you so far, and I’ve seen gaslighting on them when someone asks a simple question. A few other barriers are cost and time. If you didn’t grow up close to the outdoors, it can feel intimidating. Time to learn is precious these days and you need resources like gear and transportation to help get out of most city or towns to explore.

What advice would you give to women looking to take a first step in experiencing outdoor recreation?

  • My advice is to start small. You don’t need the nicest gear to start. If you have a school backpack and tennis shoes, they will help you start getting on the trail.

  • Find a friend or someone to share the experiences with. I’m more likely to stick with my plans if I plan something with a friend than if I’m going solo.

  • Join a SheJumps event or any other local organization getting people outside. There are nonprofits all over the country that provide outdoor education.