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Tacotopia Pop-Up at Pike Taproom Ballard Jan 26-28

Pike Taproom Tacotopia Pop Up

January 24, 2024 - Get ready for a flavor fiesta that will transport your taste buds to taco heaven, Ballard! This weekend, January 26-28, Pike Taproom Ballard is morphing into Tacotopia, a pop-up paradise where the almighty taco reigns supreme. Prepare your palate for a whirlwind culinary adventure, with a globe-trotting menu that celebrates the taco in all its diverse and delectable glory. Check out the full menu below!

No taco fiesta is complete without the perfect pint! Pike Taproom Ballard's beer selection is like a symphony waiting to harmonize with your taco journey. From hoppy IPAs that cut through the richness to crisp lagers that refresh the palate, there's a perfect pairing for every taco adventure. And don't miss out on the limited-edition Tacotopia Margarita, a unique concoction crafted just for this occasion featuring 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila.


Bolgogi: Tender, marinated beef bulgogi takes center stage in these tacos, topped with your choice of cucumber salad or bean sprouts for a refreshing finish.

BBQ Brisket: Slow-roasted brisket burnt ends bathed in Kilt Lifter BBQ sauce, nestled in a bed of slaw, and topped with a sweet pickle.

Hawaiian: Kalua pork simmered to perfection, crowned with pineapple relish and a touch of teriyaki hula hula sauce..

Cuban: Mojo-marinated pork tacos, with pickles, swiss cheese, ham, and a tangy swipe of yellow mustard.

Buffalo Chicken: Spice things up with these fiery Buffalo chicken tacos, featuring succulent grilled chicken tossed in a lip-tingling buffalo sauce and cooled down with blue cheese, pickled shallots, and lettuce.

Jerked Chicken: Bursting with bold flavors and topped with a sweet and spicy pineapple salsa and a pickled Fresno pepper for an extra kick 

Korean Shrimp: Succulent shrimp tossed in a gochujang sweet chili sauce and nestled in a bed of kimchi slaw.

Lobster: Indulge in luxury with these decadent lobster tacos, wrapped in crispy wontons and crowned with avocado and a touch of miso vinaigrette.

Oyster Po’boy: Classic New Orleans treat: plump battered oysters, slathered with creamy remoulade and crisp slaw.

Lamb Kofta: Seasoned with warm spices and topped with a refreshing dollop of tzatziki and a sprinkle of dukka.

Falafel: These crispy falafel tacos are packed with protein and flavor, drizzled with a cool tahini sauce and brightened with pickled onions and cilantro.

Mushrooms: For a meat-free fiesta, opt for these hearty portobello and shiitake mushroom tacos, marinated in a savory sauce and served with your choice of cucumber salad or bean sprouts